Which leash is right for me?

Picking the right leash depends mostly on your dogs and how you prefer to run with them.    If you have a strong dog who likes to pull, if your dog likes to be out in front of you or tends to cross back and forth when you’re running, then the Runner's Choice is probably the leash for you. It's built using very heavy-duty bungee, so it really helps to absorb any shock from a big, or unexpected pull. It’s also long enough to keep a safe distance between you and your dog. If a leash is too short and your dog is in front, you'll be running way too close for comfort. The length of the Runner's Choice can be adjusted quickly and easily because we know there’ll be times you need to keep your dog closer to you.

The SideKick is perfect for dogs that stay right by your side when you run, or are positioned to the side and slightly ahead of you. This leash doesn't offer the flexibility of multiple length settings, but it weighs substantially less than the Runner's Choice. It uses a slightly thinner bungee which is still very strong, but a big dog that pulls a lot will eventually stretch it. If your dog doesn't have issues with pulling and is good about staying by your side, then you'll love the length and light weight of the SideKick. 

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